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    Beliefs are somewhat hierarchical in that slight errors in very abstract concepts can be the crooked foundation for more concrete everyday beliefs.

    Although most people like to think they are rational there are often personal blind spots and inner biases.
    It can be hard to convince people of certain truths when those truths seem to be contradicting more abstract semi-conscious beliefs.

    So to help align people towards truth I put an initial focus on the transcendental nature of mathematical facts. Once understood this then becomes a sound foundation for later stages.

    Mathematical Facts are Transcendental
    The infinite number of mathematical facts were not created by any god, big bang or human mind. Such truths simply cannot be any other way and are intrinsic to Reality.

    Some people believe a God must have created the beautiful mathematical facts. That is not possible as the facts are not created objects and cannot be any other way. This is not saying whether there is a God or not. It is only saying that no God could change eternal truth.

    Other people confuse our man-made conceptual mathematical 'maps' with the eternal 'territory' that they describe.

    Mathematical and geometric truths such as that there can only be 5 platonic solids etc determine how atoms can be arranged in space for example and were clearly true before humans. They are *discovered* not created by the human mind.Only our conceptual maps, descriptions and tools are created not the pre-existing facts.

    The Cannonball Number Example
    Have you heard of the cannonball number? Apparently there is only one number which can be square pyramidal and square: 4900. Look it up. Us humans have proven this mathematically. Apart from the trivial 1 no other number in all infinity has this property.

    Now billions of years before or after humans it is still true, it is a timeless fact. It is 'there' to be discovered anywhere in time and space.

    It does not need 4900 cannon balls to make it true and it is not magically affected by us mere humans being aware of it or not.

    Why say the Mathematical Facts are 'Transcendental'?
    Mathematical truths have no substance so we cannot simply say they exist. On the other hand they can be discovered and order reality and so we cannot simply say they do not exist. The mathematical truths transcend the categories of both existence and non-existence.

    They were not created and have always been true and always will be. They are true at all times and are changeless. Thus they transcend time.

    They are true everywhere and nowhere. Thus they transcend space.

    What about other Dimensions?
    As for 'dimensions': with spacial dimensions these are themselves mathematical/geometric and within the universal mathematics. Consider the infinite series of n-dimensional hypercubes or n-dimensional simplexes. Any dimension above 3D is still in accordance with mathematical facts. Also of course if any particular dimension is considered eg 5 dimensional space then by definition Number is needed to define it.

    Sometimes by 'other dimensions' people mean higher frequency subtle planes. Any such theoretical 'dimension' must still be in accord with mathematical facts. Any phenomenon which is vibrational is governed by harmonics and ratios etc which are not changing no matter the frequency.

    Look at this way also: the ultimate theoretical simplicity is non-duality/advaita. That is a simple and universal. There cannot be anything simpler by definition.

    Apart from simple non-duality there is duality. All other possible complex ways of describing reality, any possible reality must be at least dualistic ie 2. From that there is a mathematical progression of permutations.

    The Hierarchy of the Sciences
    Have you heard of the hierarchy of the sciences? In a way:
    Biology depends on chemistry but chemistry does not depend on biology.
    Chemistry depends on physics but physics does not depend on chemistry.
    Physics depends on mathematics but mathematics does not depend on physics or anything else. It simply is and cannot be any other way.

    This helps to show that no physical or mental process can affect the mathematical facts.

    What About Multiple Universes?
    Mathematical and other transcendental facts are true in any possible universe: the same truths are true in any possible universe.

    Multiple universes or not is not really the subject of this Module. I am just saying that 2+2=4 for example is a timeless universal fact. There are an infinite number of other such eternal facts.

    Whether there is one 'universe' or many I am just referring to it in totality as 'Reality'. Mathematical facts are inherent to that reality. Even in a hypothetical void the same truths are still 'there' and then if any universe came into being it would have to conform to those mathematical facts. They are there to be discovered.

    To clarify: I am not claiming that there are multiple universe or not. I am only saying that if there are hypothetically multiple universes they must all conform to the same universal mathematical and other transcendental truths.

    Only as an illustration: consider the many computer games. Many of them may seem to have their own physics and may be programmed in various computer code languages
    but they are all based on the same mathematical facts..and logic.

    There are 2 kinds of truth: transcendental and transient.

    A transient truth is particular, has not always been so, can be changed and eventually will not be so.

    Transcendental truths are universal, have always been so, cannot be changed and will always be so.

    Does Reality have both transcendental and transient truths or only transient particular truths?

    There must be universal truths upon which particular truths are based on. You are welcome to share counter-examples.

    As an independent truth seeker I find it of great value that we have this solid unshakable base for further investigations.

    Mathematical and other transcendental facts are true in any possible universe.

    A mathematical fact has no material substance, it is not an energy and is not a process of any kind. Therefore it is completely timeless as true now as it was billions of years ago or will be
    billions of years in the future.

    One of the main reasons I am highlighting the unchanging and universal nature of mathematical facts is to give proper weight to the mathematical/logical diagrams I want to share which offer unique evidence for the non-physical eternal nature of consciousness.

    Things to Do
    • Spend time contemplating that there are an infinite number of unchanging/eternal mathematical truths.
    • Study mathematical ideas and the properties of numbers.
    • Realize that you yourself can discover mathematical facts unknown to others and try to do so.

    Your Questions and Comments
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