• James Sirois
    Scoring one's TSQ is a little tough, because we are working with truth to begin with, which is mercurial and its nature is constrained by our subjective interpretations.

    In my opinion, the idea should not be to create a metric which measures how much truth someone holds, because truth seeking is the goal, so how do we measure things like open-mindedness, curiosity, emotional restraint, and a willingness to learn?

    I imagine we would need to design a conversation that helps us score how receptive we are in each category. For example, the person taking the test would need to submit a questionaire card exposing their deeply held beliefs, with a 1-10 scale of strength on each point. Then the examiner could present diametric facts and then assess how often the subject interrupts vs listens to full sentences, whether they argue with resistance (Meaning they try to counter the fact) vs being inquisitive to learn the opposing view and finally how well the subject is able to steel-man their opposing worldview.

    That's my input for getting the ball rolling- I'd like to know who else might have other ideas for building a metric. Do you think it's even possible? Is it a bad thing to standardize truth seeking or beneficial?
  • James
    yes there are mercurial/transient truths but there are also eternal, transcendental and eternal truths. This is mentioned in the TSQ document but is discussed in more detail in Module 1.

    As you say TSQ is not about how much we know but rather the quality of our truth seeking. This can vary in one person depending on the subject and situation due to associated personal blindspots, biases and false beliefs.

    I like your idea of a designed conversation and diametric facts. I think over time there will be huge range of different TSQ tests and methodologies and collectively they will help raise the awareness of humanity on truth and the problems which can act as a resistance to understanding it. This can only be a good thing as it makes it easier to resolve those issues thus heal/uplift humanity.

    In my view any scoring should reflect both passive and active TSQ along with the awareness of diet and lifestyle choices and the willingness to implement the ones which protect the cognitive faculties and support high TSQ.

    There could be a list of the logical fallacies and a list of the character flaws/vices and the person could self evaluate each one to see which are holding back their TSQ. They can then work on the aspects of themselves which would produce the most benefit.

    Even without a scoring system people can still boost their TSQ by doing the general exercises in the main document along with others which they and others will create.
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Calling All Sincere Truth Seekers

Dear friend, this is the place to learn about TSQ (Truth Seeking Quotient) and how to boost it. High TSQ means to be freer from personal blind spots, biases and false beliefs, even the subtle ones that most people have but are not aware of. It has deeper implications also..