• Samana Johann
    Good Brahman James, good householders,

    my person came across a link here on spiritualforums and trusting that it is welcome, took account, thought of maybe able to leave wished behind. Please let it be known if actually not wished and pardon the uninvited approach.
    Posting here because having not found any indroduction area.

    In any case, may all of you always enjoy good undertakings and may their fruits always be quick and traceable so that trust in different of deeds may increase to it's peak soon.
  • Samana Johann
    My person will take leave again and it's sure no problem to remove what ever might wished to, no need to maintain.
  • James
    yes of course you are welcome. Thanks for joining. As you can see things are still quiet as it is a fairly new website. Feel free to post some of your ideas and reply to other people's messages,

    Best Wishes,

  • Samana Johann
    aaabbaSadhu for welcome and offer. Giving to new arrival is one of the 5 seasonal gifts, good householder James.

    In the proper season they give —
    those with discernment,
    responsive, free from stinginess.
    Having been given in proper season,
    with hearts inspired by the Noble Ones
    — straightened, Such —
    their offering bears an abundance.
    Those who rejoice in that gift
    or give assistance,
    they, too, have a share of the merit,
    and the offering isn't depleted by that.
    So, with an unhesitant mind,
    one should give where the gift bears great fruit.
    Merit is what establishes
    living beings in the next life.
    — AN 5.36
    AN 5.36

    Proper Veneration (greating, welcome, taking/giving ones and others position in a relation, interact), in most cases even duty or virtue, not only generosity, just such, can lead to high attainments. More on a in marxist times so importand thing in, one of the 10 meritious deeds: Respect and Veneration.

    Quite is often good for being attentive, yet not sure, and right attention and hearing the good/right teaching the reason for arising of right view (means enter the path to liberation.

    Little difficult to write here, as no good internet connection... may good housholder, and those bond near to him, be able to draw best denefits from this Anumodana (bessing, encouragement) and may how ever, all always feel given to make use of sangham.net and its online monastery.

    Freedom of stinginess is prerequisite for all real fruitful and lasting attainments.

    metta & mudita
  • Samana Johann
    Maybe, but please feel free to remove if thinking not conductive for good householders aims here, my person gives some "food for thoughts" with "provoking" and not "political correct" addressed topics, things which goes against common grain. Let's see and yes all would actually lead to "quiten", at least at heart, if able to take, just for release, not for entertaining, bonds others the toward unbond.
  • Samana Johann
    Oh good householder @James , and having seen the costs of this forum solution... requiring further trade... "please" get in touch with Upasaka Moritz, currently seeking some bread and place to sleep, sure able to fix nearly costless for some 2 till 6 month costs here in regard of installing and helping to get run.... but just since thing just would came together right here.

    If willing and intended on harmlessness and non-trade/business, non-politic, Good householder can put the domain on sangham.net, fully control it as admin then, given as a gift of generosity of many for the Gems and good purposes, Upasaka does a good part on it. A forum software and good householder can conncentrate on essenze, leaving world, business here behind. Cost: actually total voluntary. Justtalk with each other.
  • Samana Johann
    (put domain on sangham.net server was meant) if not online wishing on <a href="http://forum.sangham.net" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">forum.sangham.net</a> Maybe link this here, that he might know. Just be clear that he is a very generous, "holly" person, not easy lokking for himself, yet still living a simple houselife, in regard of his possible needed labor aside of what would be actually already given and useable, as gift of generosity for good.
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