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    From the earlier modules we can at least intellectually understand that our true nature is pure eternal consciousness. However that can only be an aid to spiritual liberation. Intellectual understanding on its own is not enough for the ultimate goal. You can have an intellectual understanding of a delusion but that surface level may not be enough to uproot the delusion. From ancient times specific methods have been used to uproot delusion. This is also related to the doctrine of reincarnation and becoming free from the cycle of falling into material existence and suffering.

    The Ultimate Goal
    The Ultimate goal is to be completely free of delusion, defilements and suffering. Our real nature is pure and complete consciousness. This consciousness free from ignorance and desires is inherently blissful, without a tinge of sorrow.

    Three Profound Techniques
    In this module I will focus on three profound interrelated techniques which can be said to be of ancient origin but more accurately they are eternal universal techniques.
    They can be worked out through the study of the diamond logic diagram and the other work on the virtues. The inherent pattern shows one of the three techniques is superior to the other 2 although all three are of great value.

    Neti Neti
    Neti Neti means 'not this not this'. The idea is to observe a phenomenon which we usually falsely identify with as Self such as the physical body and say within: "Not This, Not This". It is an inward denial of the particular delusion and progressively frees you from it.

    False identifications can be categorised roughly as gross, intermediate and subtle. Gross misidentifications are for example the physical body, instincts or our name. Intermediate false identifications are the instincts, emotions, memories, intellect and so on. Subtle misidentifications may be the moving attention, subtle bodies/soul vehicle and so on including spects which may be beyond our human language to describe.

    Neti Neti can be used as a general statement with the understanding that we are not anything that we perceive as we are the the Perceiver only. Or we can focus on particular phenomenon.We can start by dis-identifying with the gross and move progressively to more and more subtle. We can try starting with very subtle phenomenon and move down to more and more physical obvious misidentifications. We can use neti neti to deeply realize that we are not any defilements, vices or character flaws and thus helping them dissolve away within our everyday lives. At a deeper level we can realize that our true nature is beyond particular virtues also...

    We are not our character or ego. We are not our particular story. Even our virtues we are essentially beyond. It is right to awaken and strengthen the virtues within us. However it is useful to also understand the natural state beyond the virtues.

    For example bravery is a virtue. It is a kind of rational balanced resistance against fears. Beyond bravery though is the natural and unshakable 'fearlessness' of pure consciousness.

    The 'I am That' Method
    Conceptually opposite to neti neti is the 'I am That' method. One keeps in mind that they are essentially pure consciousness. It is an affirmation of what we are in distinction from neti neti which is a denial of what we are not. We can inwardly repeat 'I am That' meaning the pure consciousness free from all false identifications. A variation is to keep focused on the 'I am'. With dedication the false identifications fall away and self realization occurs.

    “If you hold this feeling of ‘I’ long enough and strongly enough, the false ‘I’ will vanish leaving only the unbroken awareness of the real, immanent ‘I’, consciousness itself”
    ― Ramana Maharshi

    Self Enquiry
    Self enquiry is inwardly asking the question: "Who Am I?". It is simply keeping focused on that question and letting it penetrate to the depths of our minds. Self enquiry, as a question, is neither negation or affirmation and is the higher/most balanced of the three techniques.

    “The enquiry ‘Who am I?’ is the principal means to the removal of all misery and the attainment of the supreme bliss.”
    ― Ramana Maharshi

    In everyday life and language the diamond logic pattern shows that our words fall into 4 universal categories: nonsense/noise/meaningless words which are positioned at the lowest point of the diagram.

    Affirmative and negating statements which are positioned in the Rajas level.

    Questions which are placed at the top point, the Sattva level.

    of course within these 4 categories of speech there are levels within levels. Of course there can be a range of levels in each of the 4 main categories. There can be Tamas, Rajas and Sattva questions, affirmations and denials.

    Although the 'neti neti' and 'I am that' methods are placed on the Rajas level they are the purest most spiritual statements of that level.

    In our everyday lives we have enmeshed ourselves with millions of false identifications and misunderstandings about our true nature. These false identifications are a complex mix of affirmations and denials about Self. These are not just a massive accumulation of such unhelpful affirmations and negations. They are continually being produced and strengthened with our every unwise thought and statement.

    Neti, Neti and 'I am That' methods help to clear away those false identifications so that the truth is revealed. However: how they are formulated and inwardly declared will not be absolutely perfect. There can still be unhelpful affirmations and denials accidently mixed in due to our ignorance and remaining defilements. Subtle identifications beyond our everyday language may be missed by our Neti Neti practice. False notions of the true nature of consciousness may somewhat warp our 'I am That' practice.

    Therefore Self Enquiry is considered the superior and final method.

    Whilst Self Enquiry is being sincerely done there are no affirmative or negating statements being produced or strengthened by the mind. The focus is on the pure Sattva question of "Who Am I?" and so the mind is purified moment by moment.

    General Tips
    A kind compassionate diet refraining from meat eating.

    Avoid recreational drugs which can damage the inner mechanism and weaken psic defences.

    Start with set practice times where you are in a quiet environment but aim to inwardly practice the three techniques at all times.

    Associate with pure and wise beings and especially those who have already attained self realization.

    Things to Do
    • Study and work with the Neti Neti technique
    • Study and work with the I am That technique
    • Study and work with Self Enquiry

    Your Questions and Comments
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